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Back wheel jumping

CheersbigearsCheersbigears Posts: 24
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My problem is this, whenever i try and put the max power down , sprinting on hills especially, my back wheel jumps all over the shop. Skipping all over the place watts going all over the road

I reckon this is either a frame problem - chainstay too long, or a pedal stroke problem. Anybody got similar problems or any advice ?

Bikes a ribble gran fondo, i don't have the problem on my old raleigh 853 (the team ambrosia one, or the planet x tt bike?

I'm confused.


  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    I get this on my Kuota sometimes. I think its due to my weight being too far forward so its down to bad technique I guess.
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    IME it's usually a combination of getting your weight too far forward, a stiff frame and wheels, higher tyre pressures, a rough road surface and 'pulling up' too much on the back half of the pedal stroke. I get it a fair bit when racing - my light weight doesn't help either. I try and keep the bike in a lower gear, centre my weight over the bike and be more progressive with power delivery - which is often difficult when covering a break / acceleration in a race, particularly uphill. If you want a good example of seeing it done 'properly' find the video of Michele Bartoli attacking on the Muur in the Tour of Flanders in 1996 - before they relaid it, it was particulalry bumpy and slippy in places - he simply rides away from the chasers - of course this has nothing to do with receiving trainng 'advice' from a certain Dr Ferrari :wink:
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  • I'll give it a go, i've tried sitting back etc, but that just seems to put more work onto the quads? Lower gear is a possibility i'll have to find a spot to test.

    Your right though it's always covering breaks and or trying to get off the front...
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