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Skipping gears

MrChrisPMrChrisP Posts: 321
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I've got an 09 Stinky Six which I've had since April. Having moved to Leeds from Edinburgh recently I haven't had much chance to ride it as much as I'd like, but when out today I found the gears were skipping pretty badly on both uphill and along flat roads and paths. Downhill sections were fine but then again I wasn't really changing gears much if at all...

when I took the bike out the first few times it was absolutely perfect and had no problems whatsoever.

Since then it has been sat in a room for a couple months gathering dust and today on my ride I found the gears skipping pretty badly regardless of the terrain I was on. The problem wasn't centred around any specific gears either, it seemed to be all of them although it was worst when I was using the lower of the two front cogs.

Is this just a symptom of the bike not being used much in a while or do all new bikes suffer from this in the first few months?

I'm not very clued up on gear maintenance so am considering taking it to a shop to have the gears indexed again but thought I'd check on here first and see if anyone can provide some tips. I want to learn how to maintain the bike myself at least to a reasonable standard so any info you can provide would be hugely appreciated.

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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    mucky or stretched cables.

    read the how to set your gears on Parktools.

    it will just be s tension issue unless it is mucky cables which could be then effected by the suspension movement.
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  • MrChrisPMrChrisP Posts: 321
    Cheers dude. It might be streched cables. Didn't think of that. I'm guessing because they're new cables they will stretch a bit until have been used for a while?

    Definitely not mucky cables. Have always made sure all moving parts at least are clean after a ride plus today was the first time I've taken the bike out after it's been raining so it's not had a chance to build up any mud until now.

    Will check parktools and see what I can come up with.
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