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Finally bit the bullet, Now own a road bike. Advice needed

DaveHudsonDaveHudson Posts: 290
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After a long time of umming and arrring I decided to laugh off the idea of a cyclocross bike and have bought a road bike.

Now I know some will say it's a rubbish bike, but for what I paid it's great. I have a 2010 Claud butler Milano.

It turned up at work just before my holiday and we had issues with indexing the gears, so I got my colleague to call the rep on the next working day and hoped it would be sorted by the time I got back, Sadly there was a little issue with communication and nothing had been sorted.

Long story marginally shorter, We had it set up last night and just needed a section of brake outer replacing to get a better run (me being fussy)

I left my mtb at work tonight and rode back on the milano, Such a different experience! It feels light and nimble, a little scary as I have never ridden on anything less than a 1.5" tyre before :D
The commute is only 7.5 miles but it felt awesome, I'm not sure how I left it this long before I bought one. looking forward to getting out on sunday to do a few miles on it and really get a feel for it.

So what do I need as my essentials as a new found roadie? Help me spend some more pennies :lol:


  • STEFANOS4784STEFANOS4784 Posts: 4,109
    An up-grade :wink:

    Seriously though, bib-shorts and spare tubes/repair kit and a pump are the only 'essentials' for some really decent riding, and then the list is endless. Welcome to the debt-side :D
  • petemadocpetemadoc Posts: 2,667

    +1 spare tube, repair kit and pump. Best bet is a small saddle bag (velcro fasten not the clip ones they break) that you won't notice to carry them in.

    Obvious I know but bottle cage and bottle.

    The right gear, any comfy padded shorts, a nice jersey and a good rain jacket so don't always get put off by bad weather. You may already much of this from MTB ing.

    Clipless pedals, once you've used them once you'll never go back or even consider any straps or clips. After a year of spending loads of money on various different pedals I'd think carefully about what you want to use the bike for and what pedals you need.

    Non essentials but things you'll want

    + 1 endless list, get your credit card out! If you really get into it I'd be wary of buying any upgrades, I always think it seems cheaper to sell off your old bike and upgrade the whole lot. You can easily spend more on upgrades than you did on the bike in the first place.
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