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  • yeah I saw that. i I hate the way cyclists sneak up on the inside so you can't spot them so I reckon they need as much training as HGV drivers do and I know because I cycle when I'm not driving, lol. More cycle lanes would be a start. There's a lot of tips on this website so for
  • From my limited experience HGV drivers are usually some of the kindest people on the roads regarded hanging back and not overtaking (maybe due to a lack of speed), but also with giving extra room and generally being polite on the roads.
    I heard about this campaign in london
    which I personally would find really helpful, and I think many of the irresponsible cyclists I do see on occasions would benefit from hugely.
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    Wear high-vis

    No way, no how...not gonna happen
    Hi-Viz is the domain of commuters and nodders and we are "Roadies" here
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