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Advice on upgrade / replacement parts

sagaloutsagalout Posts: 338
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Hi there,

Had my Madone 4.5 for about 8 months now. No complaints, its been a cracking bike and has served me well for the last 3000 miles. Now my cycling funds have replenished I'm looking to upgrade some of the consumeable parts to give the bike a refresh. Just looking for some advice to see if my logic is sound:

Chain - this needs replacing - I've left it too long I think. Do I just buy the same 10sp 105 or is it worth spending more on something lighter?

Cassette - Should I replace with the chain, or fit the chain first and see if feels ok?

Tyres - running stock ones at the moment (Bontrager Race Lites I think) which have been very puncture resistant. Was thinking of Michelin Pro3 Race?

Pedals - Currently got SPD's but shoes are knackered so looking to switch to Look Keo 2

Wheels - Currently stock (Bontrager SSR). Can someone recommend a good all-round wheelset for up to £500? Most of my riding is hilly 50 - 100 miles. I have been TT'ing this year on the bike but I'll be looking to buy a TT bike in winter anyway, although I may be looking to enter some Cat 4 races next season. I do like the tarty look of the 5cm deep section rims, but would these be suitable for my riding?

Brakes - Currently Tiagra calipers which don't get fantastic reviews although I have to say they seem fine. Will probably stick with those but whats a good all-round brake block? I ride in all weathers.

Many thanks in advance :) - if you have any other advice about upgrade paths then happy to hear it.


  • MikeWWMikeWW Posts: 723
    Buy the same chain.
    See if the existing cassette works-it might. If not you will need to replace
    Pro race 3's are great
    I'd go with the Shimano 105 pedals-the cleats last a lot longer than the Keos
    Wheels -I'd go Mavic Kysirium Elites-good allrounder and about £375 from Merlin
    Wouldn't worry about the brakes
  • rakerake Posts: 3,204
    105 chain is good, but for not much more i swapped for kmc x10L which i think is smoother and quieter. measure t chain over 1 foot of length , if less than 1/16 over its ok. 3/32 is about 1%wear. brake pads upgrade for all weather 'koolstop dual compound'.
    michelin krylion carbon tyres are better for wear and puncture resistance and still fast.
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