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Planet X Pro Carbon 50 Tubs or Fuerte Bici 50mm Carbon Tubs?

Sean1504Sean1504 Posts: 101
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I'm looking to get some wheels for fast flat stuff and triathlons and wanted to see if anyone has any opinion on either of the following wheels or can suggest another alternative:

Planet X Pro Carbon 50 Tubular Wheels Hand Built -2X Front lacing
1296 Grams
2 week turnaround


Fuerte Bici 50mm Carbon Tubulars
1460 Grams
About a month turnaround



  • Bar ShakerBar Shaker Posts: 2,313
    The Fuerte includes carbon friendly brake pads.

    Both sets are excellent value. I would think most of the benefit is from the shorter & bladed spokes (big drag reduction) and the foil shape that the rim and tyre create (smaller but significant drag reduction).

    I doubt the 160g between them would worry me.
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    I expect that both, and virtually all carbon wheels at this price point use the same Gigantex rims, so performance-wise they'll be much the same. Therefore difference comes down to built-quality and aesthetics. You could also chuck into your equation too.
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  • Sean1504Sean1504 Posts: 101
    Thanks for your replies. Does anyone have any experience of the build quality of Planet X and Fuerte Bici wheels? Wheelsmith would be on my list but they've had stock issues and I don't think they can provide any of the Gigantex ones until October.
  • wildmoustachewildmoustache Posts: 4,010
    My experience of the p-x carbon wheels is not great.

    first the good ... they are aerodynamic and in my experience they aren't going to come apart. individiually, the components are pretty robust.

    I believe they have updated the hubs since I bought mine so can't comment on the new hubs. I will say though, that generally with hubs you get what you pay for. there are exceptions, but don't expect DA/Record class hubs.

    Build quality was a big dissappointment. Rear wheel was flexy and had to be re-built, front wheel was easy to knock out of true.

    Weight - I guarantee you they will weigh more than 1296g LOL. Mine were c.50g overweight. Admittedly, this is the case with lots of wheelsets.

    Braking surface is very poor. Very significantly worse than Zipp carbon tubulars. This is a non-trivial point as it limits use / reduces confidence in the wheels. etc. Remember that the aero benefit is only a few seconds over (say) a 10km course ... very easy to lose that if you're less confident of your stopping power. In the wet ... just dangerous.

    Honestly, I'd seriously think about saving up for a better set of wheels -- which should have better re-sale so it's not all dead money.
  • Sean1504Sean1504 Posts: 101
    Thanks for your detailed reply, very useful. The reason i'm looking at the budget end is because i'm not going to be using them 'that' often however i'm not averse to spending more money on a better set of wheels, what are you talking about, Zipps?
  • wildmoustachewildmoustache Posts: 4,010
    Boras (and Bora Ones as it's the same rim) are a good bet. The latter being reasonably priced if you shop around.

    Zipp tubs are now very good. They are much stronger than the used to be. The braking with Zipp pads is excellent.

    FFWD look interesting ang get good write ups. Could be good value for the money. I haven't ridden them.

    Shimano tubs are very good. You might be able to get a deal / nearly new pair of these. They are very robust and have have great stiffness and hubs.

    Easton are very good and youc an get reasonably priced deals for them.

    I take your point on not using them that often, but sometimes it's worth spending a few hundred £ more for something that actually performs better, looks better :-), and has better re-sale.
  • Sean1504Sean1504 Posts: 101
    Ahhh decisions, decisions.

    I've decided I can either get one decent wheel (something like the above) or two not so good ones (DA 7850 CL & Planet X 50mm Carbon Tub).

    I would quite like Easton's as i've got a BMC and everything else on there is already Easton, best prices on them seem to be from the states on ebay.

    I also came across 50mm DA clinchers for £880, that get a good review here: ... r-wheelset
  • bigal.bigal. Posts: 479
    Sean1504- Derek at Wheelsmith built me up the Planet x Carbon Rims with Sapim CX ray spokes and PMP hubs for a good price and they have been spot on for me.

    I am sure the R50 rims are available and then the rest is up to you. I am no wheel expert but I have covered 2000 miles on my R50's, not had a single issue and they sound great.
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