Can I fit Ultegra 10sp cassette to Campagnolo Scirocco

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Just bought replacement wheelset, got rid of my bontrager Race wheels in favour of the campagnolo Scirocco, I assumed that i could just fit my cassette straight on. The wheelset has a campag hub which isn't compatible with my ultegra cassette, I have found this product and wonder if its what i am looking for to solve my issue, any one had a similar problem or experience in this area? ... rrency=GBP


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    I don't think that freehub will be compatible with the Scirrocos
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    Surely there must be a reason for omitting scirocco wheels from the compatibility list in the ad.
    Perhaps a better way round it is to get a set of suitable conversion spacers from Highpath:

    Get a Campagnolo cassette of the ratios that suit you, and fit the conversion spacers. You will be better going for a lower groupset cassette - like Veloce - as these have separate sprockets with the spline pattern throughout - and you will need a spacer behind the largest sprocket.
    Explain your requirements to Chris Bell at Highpath.