Tekto IO disc brakes with Fibrax pads

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Hi there,

I've done a fair bit of research online since Halfords contaminated my Tektro IO disc brake pads during a 'free 6-week service'.

After a few weeks of dabbling I decided to just splash out on some replacement pads. The grease contamination on the original pads was ridiculous. I was experiencing the poor braking performance and 'squealing' that I have seen described on various forums etc.

So this evening I replaced the pads - the pads I purchased were ' Fibrax Tektro Gemini-Novela Hydraulic Disc - 1 x Semi Metallic Plus ASH955E' - http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... delID=2521 Having done my research I understood that these were compatible with the Tektro IO model.

Firstly, the brake pads seemed not to fit quite as nicely as the originals and despite my best efforts at adjusting the calipers (now set at their widest) they are still rubbing. I also gave the discs a serious degreasing session - they were still surprisingly dirty considering TWO bike shops (inc. Halfords) had supposedly degreased them.

I took the bike out and was disappointed to find that I was still experiencing braking performance nowhere near as good as that which I had prior to Halfords' balls-up. There was also a little squealing on the front brake. The cable tension seemed pretty loose so I've just increased the tension - haven't taken it back out yet.

Is the rubbing and poor performance simply down to me needing to 'wear them in' properly?

It's all a little disappointing really, but I was hoping that someone might be able to offer some sagely advice to a newbie :wink:


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    Last time I had a set of contaminated brakes to sort, I replaced pads and gave the disc a clean with car brake & clutch cleaner, Then lapped it on some fine wet & dry and a final wipe with the brake cleaner.

    You really can't be too clean when it comes to disc pads
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    You may get more responses/input re disc brakes by posting the same question on the MTB Workshop forum.

    I'm afraid they may be of the opinion that the pads are foobared.
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    The rotor may not be properly cleaned yet. Use a clean rag and some isopropyl alcohol.

    In what respect do they not fit particularly well? Do they sit in the calliper okay? In addition to winding the adjuster right out, you might also have to loosen cable tension to give you a bit more space on the other side. Also, loosen off the calliper mount slightly, pull the brake lever to centre the calliper on the rotor, then tighten it back up.

    You might be experiencing weak braking power because either the disc isn't cleaned properly, the pads haven't been bedded in properly, or both.
  • Thanks everyone.

    Would it be bad form of me to duplicate this post on the MTB Forum?

    I've taken a few snaps that would demonstrate what I mean about the fit - I could upload if people think it might help. The inner pad is okay apart from seeming a little thick, but the outer pad sits almost at an angle. The base of the pad seems to sit clear of the calliper space in one corner rather than just the pas compound itself. Despite further tension adjustments the pad still touch the rotor.

    On the bright side, despite having given the rotors what I thought was a damn good clean I found that some isopropyl wipes came with the pads and I was surprised at how much more muck came off. Presumably isopropyl alcohol is easy to get hold of?
  • Hmm... what's the likelihood that the extra dirt being removed is the 'filings' from the new pads being rubbed?
  • Well, problem solved I think.

    I ended up buying some more pads. This time from Halfords, and they are a much better fit.

    I gave the rotors another clean, using Muc-Off break cleaner, and took asdfhjkl's advice and used repositioning of the brake mount to realign.

    Not as good as new, but pretty good.

    Thanks for your advice.