Tyre bulge Armadillos

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I'm using Armadillo Technology 700x25 All condition road tyres, so basically road tyres with a slight tread. They've been on for about 10 months now and have been fine, I keep them inflated to about 95psi.
Anyway, over the past week I've been getting a once per rev/tick from the front wheel. It sounds as if the tyre is sticking to the road, similar to when a piece of grit gets stuck in a car tyre. Doesn't happen when the front of the bike is lifted off the ground.
On close inpsection from the side the tyre in this area looks odd i.e. not an arc, there is a definite dip in the rubber.
Is it basically a case of a defect that has only recently surfaced, or is there a corrective solution. i.e. deflating and reinflating the tyre??


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    Start by deflating, adjusting the tyre bead and re-inflating - some tyres can distrort - more usually outward bulges if there's a weakess in the carcass.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • Just an update for anyone who was interested.....

    I took the wheel down to Evans since my LBS was going to be a bit inconvenient.
    I showed them the tyre and said I'd probably done about 2000 miles on them.
    Without much prodding, he said they didn't look worn enough to warrant that kind of defect so he phoned specialized straight off the bat.
    They then supplied and fitted a 700x23 Armadillo Elite to replace the 700x25 Armadillo at no extra charge along with a new inner tube.

    Pretty pleased with that result.....