Front Derailleur problem

Cats Eyes
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Hey folks,

I can't seem to get the set-up quite right with my SRAM Rival groupset.
The gears shift fine until in the highest gear (big chainring, small cassette ring) where the chain rubs the front deraileur.
The problem I have is that the H limit screw is wound out as far as possible so I cant move the derailleur out any further to stop it rubbing.

Any advice on what I can do to solve the rubbing issue?


  • chriskempton
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    The limit screws set the limit for how far the front mech goes inwards/outwards, but the mech stops going further once the pull from the shifter has been completed.You need more cable through the mech so that the mech gets as far as the limit screw, which it currently is not doing. Undo the cable clamp bolt, then retighten having fed slightly more cable through first. I use the kink in the cable the clapm bolt makes a reference point for this. To achieve this, you'll need to swing the mech outwards using your hand. Aim for small adjustments, say 2-3mm for a first go.

    You'll probably need to play around a bit before you get it right, but it's a good thing to learn to do as all mechs work by the same principles. You'll also need to reset your limit screws (you'll probably have wound it too far out) once the cable has been tightened.

    There's more detail here: