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Crack in Rim - Zipp 530

desdeadlydesdeadly Posts: 48
edited August 2010 in Workshop
Riding to work this morning i noticed breaking was not smooth on the rear wheel. When i looked i noticed this

Would i be right in assuming that is not good?
on the other side of the rim directly opposite there is a similar crack.



  • schweizschweiz Posts: 1,644
    I'm pretty sure it's not a crack, it's the join in the rim. TBH, I'm surprised ZIPP don't weld their rims.

    At the join there will be a plug that both ends of the rim are bonded too. It looks like this bonding has failed. I've no experience of whether it can be repaired.
  • Hi desdeadly, that is the join where the rim is rolled. The rims aren't welded although the carbon is bonded to the alloy rim. I don't think the rim you have has got the m2cm technology, which effectively fuses the alloy rim to the carbon. It is very rare for the alloy to come away from the carbon, although I would keep a very close eye on it.

    Are the two edges still inline with each other, with just a gap or is there a noticeable step between the two edges. The gap only appears to be a few fractions of a mm, so shouldn't cause any problems, although will probably eat brake pads!

    I can't see from the picture whether there are any cracks in the carbon but I would closely inspect each of the spoke holes as well as going around the perimeter of the rim on both side and check for cracks in the carbon.

    There is no way that it can be repaired as the alloy is held to the carbon under a lot of tension (I have cut a zipp rim with a grinder, and as soon you cut through the alloy it springs open an inch or so). If it does persist to get worse then its really a case of getting rid of the rim, as judging by the look of it it is well out of the warranty period.

    It may be a good idea to contact the guys at Saddleback (UK Zipp distributor) and show them the photos to see what they say.
  • Cheers for the replies

    took the tyre and tape off last night for a proper look.
    The crack is just in the aluminium part of the rim. There is no sign of any damage to the carbon.
    The two edges are in line with each other but the rim is noticeably (a couple of mm) wider at the crack which makes breaking very uneven (almost skid then nothing) so its pretty much un-useable.

    Bad news that it cant be repaired :-(

    Will give Saddleback a call anyhow and see hwat they say - thanks for the contact rrdave

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