Tyre Cracks - are they safe?

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My front Conti Ultra Sport has several cracks each a few cm long on the molding line just above the wheel rim. they run around the tyre rather than across. Is this safe or should I change the tyre? It has only done a couple of hundred miles.



  • I cant say without seeing it but rubber has a shelf life and it will deteriorate even without use or they may even be from a bad batch.

    I suggest getting advice from your LBS if you are not sure. If a tyre blows it will end in pain.

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  • Bunneh
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    I had Continentals Ultra Sports on my Scott and I got constant punctures on the rear. Quite frankly I found them terrible, although they had done 1k miles.
  • gethmetal
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    They're not as safe as tyres without cracks, but that said I run mine 'til the threads pop out of the sides...

    And I am still alive.
  • kettrinboy
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    I would,nt worry about it , ive got a pair of Conti GP4000S tyres that have done over 8000 miles and have got this all round the tyres, noticed it some time ago when they had done around 4000 miles, it seems to happen as they age but doesnt affect them at all as far as i can tell,all the Conti tyres ive used which include Ultra sports, GP3000/4000 seem to do this.
  • JamesB
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    Take them back to LBS and ask either replace / refund; not worth teh risk, think of 100psi++ inside tyres, if anything looks suspect deal with it, not worth risk IMHO