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Orange P7 slipping dropouts

paulswilliams2paulswilliams2 Posts: 137
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Right, I promise to try and be quick with this one...

I have a 2008 P7 which I have been generally happy with for a couple of years. Over last winter, I converted it to singlespeed using the sliding dropouts to sort chain tension. However, over a period, the dropouts would slide forward under load and the chain would become slack. I spoke to Orange who suggested they give me new thicker dropouts including an extra bolt on the non drive side.

I had this fitted at Swinnertons, Cannock a couple of weeks ago, and first ride out, the dropouts continued to slide. I phoned Orange technical services Monday to enquire as to torque settings for the bolts incase they weren't tightened enough. They specified 9NM for the M5 bolts and 16NM for the single M6 bolt. So I applied the settings and yet again, the dropouts slipped.

Today, I washed and did some general maintenance. As part of this, I removed the dropouts, cleaned everything up and put it all together. The plan was to put stickers on each piece of metal to see exactly which dropouts were slipping and by how much. However, as I tried to dial in 9NM on a driveside M5 and I threaded the thread inside the dropout. Not happy at all - doubt a Tuesday night Cannock bash.

Now, what to do? I am going to speak to Orange tech services again tomorrow, but I worry that all they can offer is new dropouts, and I have a feeling that I will either thread that or not apply sufficient torque to stop the slipping.

One option I did think about was having the dropouts welded or riveted to the frame. I am not worried about replaceable dropouts as it is SS and thus has now mech to snag. I will never put gears back on this frame. My single worry about this option is that it will fix chainlength and thus my SS gear ratio. I doubt I will change from the current 32:18 but I might in the future. Maybe I should lock the dropouts in but run a longer chain with a tensioner, but this seems a**e as I already have sliding dropouts - surely the best theoretical option...

Any advice? Please help, I want to go riding Tuesday ;)


  • christkchristk Posts: 122
    How about filling the gap in the slot so that the bolts can't slide forward? Could this be done by cutting an M6 bolt to what ever length is required, and you could even file each end so that 1 end is half round against the frame and the other is concaved so that locates against the bolt?

    Better still fabricate a piece of steel to suit so that it fits like a key?
  • Fabricating a bit was my first idea about a month ago, but thought it a bit OTT, especially compared to simple welding. However, come to thing about the tuning possiblities of fabricating a few bits, I think that might be the winner..
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