Bottom Brackets(again!)

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My mates Bianchi is making noises from his BB. Its a FSA MegaExo Omega, with matching cranks. I was wondering can he fit a Shimano HT2 BB instead as they are about £20 cheaper(Ultegra) and does the shimano tool fit the cups on the FSA or will he need to buy a tool to fit. Ta.


  • Shaun20
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    Hi, I use a shimano bb with my FSA gossamer chainset with no problems. The shimano external bb tool also fits the FSA bb. You might find it a bit more of a struggle to fit the crank spindle through but it just needs a little persuading. :wink:
  • 2alexcoo
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    For reasons unknown not all FSA MegaExo cranks use the same BB.

    The Gossamer has a 24mm axle, which is compatible with the Shimano BB cups, but the Omega uses 19mm, which isn't.