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Hub: chain keeps flinging forward

emiratesglobalemiratesglobal Posts: 183
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I took the rear hub (DT cerit) apart and cleaned it all out as it was making a clicking/cracking sound and have put it all back together. Now when I put the wheel back on the bike and pedal it is fine but if I hold the cranks still the rear mech jerks forward and the chain also learches forward and comes off. What have I done wrong with the hub (I assume it is that). When I tighten the bolts on the axle quite tightly the cassette becomes really stiff and you can hardly move it.



  • HitbyHitby Posts: 218
    When you stop peddling then your cassette should stop moving. It sounds like you've done yours up too tight and it's still turning but you're obviously not turning the chain on the front cog causing it to all grind to a halt.

    This could be completely wrong but it makes sense in my head :lol:
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Sounds like something's not assembled right really. A spacer missing or a seal gripping or something similiar.
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  • Thanks, I'll try loosening the cassette but fear it is the hub.
  • Or maybe a bit too much grease on the seal/seating area??did the same with my old hub first time i redid it!!
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  • which part do you mean?
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