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Rear wheel not free wheeling - help please ?

SDK2007SDK2007 Posts: 782
edited August 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
A quick question - any advice please?

My rear wheel isn't free wheeling when the skewer is holding the wheel tight but does when the skewer is lose. I've just had new bearings fitted so it can't be those - any ideas?

Wheel is a Roval Controle SL

Thanks :)


  • -liam--liam- Posts: 1,831
    Is the skewer tightening the brake disk up against one side of the caliper?
  • SDK2007SDK2007 Posts: 782
    Nope - the wheel goes round fine whilst pedalling, just when you stop pedalling the rear hub doesn't free wheel.causing the chain and rear derailleur to lock up.
  • -liam--liam- Posts: 1,831
    Has the freehub been tightened up properly?
  • Lift your rear wheel, when you spin it forward does your crankset turn as well?
    Take your rear wheel off remove your QR skewer and hold the axle in your finger tips. (not touching the freehub)
    If the wheels spins free and there is no gritty feel from the axle then the axle is not the problem.
    Now take hold of the cassette top and bottom and see if you can wiggle it, usually there is very slight movement anything to excessive and bearings are worn in the freehub causing the resistance or contaminated with dirt/debris causing the freehub to lock or damage to the ratcheting teeth and pawls causing the lock up. Either way new free hub at least I think.
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