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Campag Cassettes - Please ID this one?

namastebuzznamastebuzz Posts: 41
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Changing a campag 9spd cassette the old one I took off is like this:


The replacement is (like all campags I've seen)this:


It obviously won't fit as the size is slightly different and the new one has a stepped notch in one spline.

How do I find one like the original? No-one I've talked to seems to know.


  • Weejie54Weejie54 Posts: 750
    Hard to see exactly what pattern the old one is for the crud, but your freehub may be 8 speed The splines are not so deep and there is no stepped groove.
    I have a wheel with 9 sprockets on an 8 speed freehub.

    Perhaps this is the pattern:


    You can actually grind newer pattern sprockets to fit - not for the faint-hearted!

    There is also an earlier pre-EXA freehub.
  • Looks like the same pattern - I've cleaned up the sprocket since I took the pic.

    Can I get a new 9spd cassette the same pattern?

    Or could I fit a more modern freehub?
  • D'oh!

    It could be 8spd - I don't seem to be able to count.

    Can only find 8 cogs - was sure there were 9 :oops:
  • Weejie54Weejie54 Posts: 750
    You won't get a 9 speed cassette with that pattern - at least not off the peg. You could get an 8 speed cassette plus an extra sprocket (Miche do separate cogs) and use the spacers from your 9 speed cassette - but you'll have to grind the single sprocket to fit.
    9 speed sprockets are a different thickness (.05mm thinner) but it doesn't seem to matter much. You could use a Marchisio sprocket with an adaptor for an 8 speed Campagnolo freehub:

    Or you could use one of the sprockets from your old cassette.

    Freehub might be better in the long run - if you can get one.
  • Weejie54Weejie54 Posts: 750

    It could be 8spd - I don't seem to be able to count.

    Can only find 8 cogs - was sure there were 9

    Maybe keep to 8 speed then!

    Not as easy to find an 8 speed cassette, however.
  • Assume all 8 speed cassettes are the same fitting?

    A few Miche 8 speeds seem to be available at JE James, DotBIke, Sprockets etc and ByerCycles have Campag ones.

    Thanks for the help anyway folks.

    (and sorry for being a tw*t)
  • Weejie54Weejie54 Posts: 750
    You should be OK with any Campy 8 speed fit.

    This place does Record Exa-drive:

    They turn up on eBay too.
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    I never realised fixing bikes was a sport! Can we look forward to the mens freestyle strip and rebuild at the 2012 olympics?

    +1 on the at least he's asking. If it was my bike in bits in his shed I'd rather he was asking for advice before reaching for the angle grinder.

    (But he'd get a more informed response if he cleaned up the offending part before taking the out of focus pic)

    I know nothing about Campag however, and for that reason, I'm out.
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