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Which one of these please?

stiscoobystiscooby Posts: 139
edited August 2010 in MTB buying advice
Ok, so I have been looking at getting a 2008 Carrera Fury for a while now but these are getting very thin on the ground so I have been looking at other bikes around my budget (£400 ish).

There is the Carrera Kraken 09 which is currently £343 online with the online 20% discount, although I'm not so sure I have that much confidence in my local halfrauds store (I was only in there the other day where I guy walked out the shop with his "repaired" bike only to bring it back a few mins later to say it had just broken again!! :roll: ).

I have then seen a few posts with positive comments on the Mongoose Tyax Elite 2010 for £399 at evens cycles. I have a local bike shop who can probably get me one of these and match the web price.

My use will be general riding, bit of on road as well as off. I don't mind spending a little bit more for the right bike.

Which one of the above bikes would be the better option, or is there another make model I should consider for my budget?



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