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My Cheep as Magura bleed kit (works on Hayes HFX nines too)

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Got some Magura Julies that came with my bike and needed to bleed them and fit them to a mates bike that has censored cable discs

Magura Julies use M6x1 brake bleed fittings

The plug that fills the bleed hole in the caliper takes a tapered M6x1 grub screw... the same as some brake slave cylinders on cars.

So off to my local friendly motorfactors on my bike

Bought two M6x1 brake bleed nipples for £1.90 and 1L of LHM Hydraulic (Brake) fluid thats used on some Citroen, Rolls Royce and Bentley systems for £4.17.

I had some spare clear screen wash fluid so didnt need any.

Went to the chemists and asked if they had any plasic dosing syringes about 25-50ml they had a 60ml one and gave me it for free :D 8)

I loosened the brake lever so the resevoir cap was horisontal and remved the cap and rubber seal using a T7 Torx screwdriver. Then removed the old brake bleeder plug ith a 3mm allen key.

I fitted the bleed nippple then took the 60mm syringe and filled it with LHM holding it up to expel any air then connected it to the bleed nipple with some clear screenwash tube.

I opened the nipple by turning it 90° then squirted the lhm fluid through to bleed the brake seing bubbles of air exit the reservoir. To close the nipple tighten it

I have a Hayes kit but I dont think the plastic squeeze bottle is that great. so after using the syringe with LHM I thoughly cleaned and dried it as DOT fluid is hydroscopic (it absorbs mosture from the air) which can
a. reduce the fluid boiling point
b. cause corrosion

So I used the hayes bottle as a catch bottle and the syring as the filler and tried it much better and far quicker than the hayes kit :D

I need to take the pipes off the magura julies to fit to my mates bike so I'll take photos then and I need to order a res cap for my nines so when that comes I'll update with photos too 8) 8) :D
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  • be careful with LHM as it will eat normal brake seals! (my citroen is LHM for steering, suspensoin and brakes, Very high boiling point - some race cars use it for that reason) a couple of guys on the citroen forums have put normal brake caliper seals of cars into a pot of LHM and a pot of normal dot fluid and theyve simply been eaten in the LHM!
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  • gtd.gtd. Posts: 626
    Magura and Shimano use a mineral hydralic oil like LHM. Maguras is known as roya blood and has a blue dye added to it, Shimano is pink.

    Most other systems such as Hayes, Avid, Hope... use DOT 3 or 4.

    In Motor racing Castrol SRF is often used which is around £40 per L iirc, but needs to be changed regularly due to it being more hydroscopic (absorbs moisture) than other DOT fluids but it does have a very high (DRY) boiling point or ATE Racing Super Blue or Typ 200, which is cheaper and doesnt have as high a boiling point but is less hydroscopic. blue and Typ200 are the same except blue is coloured blue so quite handy for flush changes if you alternate between the two
    Mountain: Orange Patriot FR, SubZero & Evo2LE.
    Road: Tifosi Race Custom.
    Do it all bike: Surly Disc Trucker 700c/29er
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