MKC Missing Link

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I've just installed a 9-speed KMC Missing Link on new 9-speed Shimano chain (HG93). It fitted easily, but it seems to come apart easily too (admittedly, everything is clean and shiny and new). I don’t seem to have to wiggle the chain or squeeze the link etc to make it come apart. I was sort of expecting to hear a click when it closed too, but nothing.

My concern is that it's coming apart too easily - any thoughts?

I haven’t ridden the bike with it on yet, so maybe that will tighten it up a bit?




  • keef66
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    It should click when you pull the chain on either side of it. It isn't safe to ride as you describe it.
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    Thanks for the youtube link - looks very much like how mine works. Certainly no audible "click". Perhaps nothing to worry about.

  • rake
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    the chain always has tension. theres no way it can compress that far to come undone while riding. just make sure its located together properly and only use it for the life of one chain. ps kmc chains seem a lot better than shimano.