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Trek 2nd District obvious upgrades

0x800x80 Posts: 7
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I recently bought a Trek 2nd District for commuting and hobby. I noticed that if I lift the backwheel and spin it, there is quite a bit of resistance. Also the pedals don't spin nearly as free as I would expect on a decent bike. They come to a hold within 1 second.

So my thought is that these 2 things are worth upgrading immediately since they create a constant friction.

What would you advise? Any other district owners who would suggest part upgrades maybe?

The current freewheel is installed on a flip flop hub which I like to keep. I want to install pedals which I can use with normal (non-biking) shoes.



  • thel33terthel33ter Posts: 2,684
    Pedals - Wellego MG1, cause they are light and grippy. - ... edals.html

    Can't help with the wheel though, that might loosen up over time.
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  • 0x800x80 Posts: 7
    Thanks for the advise.

    In my search I've found the White Industries ENO freewheels, which seem to be very nice although a bit expensive. But I've decided that I first need to figure out my preferred gear ratio before replacing the freewheel.

    The stock 44-17 setup is too light for me, since there are hardly any hills where I live. Instead of putting in a 15T cog I think I prefer to change the chainwheel to 48T.

    I've been searching for a compatible 48T chainwheel, but can't seem to find it. The trek one is mounted with 5 points to the crank.

    Any idea where I can find a replacement for this?

    If a chainwheel is expensive I might try a fixed gear 15T cog first, since that seems to be a cheap option.

  • Mister WMister W Posts: 853
    Have you tried this website - They stock all sort of fixed and single speed bits and pieces.

    What freewheel are you using at the moment? I have a Shimano one on my bike, which seems to run quite smoothly and didn't cost a fortune.
  • 0x800x80 Posts: 7
    Yeah mine is the stock Shimano freewheel. It's quiet but not as smooth as I hoped for. Maybe it needs to break in? Anyway I need to figure out my preferred gear ration first so I'm going the fixed route first. I might never need a freewheel after that anymore ;)
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