basic tub questions based on tape fitted ones

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Hi there,

I've got a couple of basic questions regarding tub tyres.

I've just purchased a fairly new second hand pair of carbon wheels and have noticed that the tubs have not been put on 100% square.

Its a matter of maybe 2mm out of perfect but with the red sidewalls it is noticeable. Spinning the wheel its balanced and true and more importantly the main contact patch of the tyre (black) is in the middle althou as mentioned 2mm off the centre line.

They have the red side walls and you can see when looking at a profile that they are not symmetrical.

This is the same on the front and back wheels. I beleive that the tubs have been applied using tape.

My questions are can and how do I remove the tubs that have been taped - is it a case of just letting out the air and ripping off?

Can I then somehow remove the tape from the tub (or does it stay on the rim)

If the tape is on the rim can I just refit the tub with adding a new tape strip and apply or do I need to do something different?

FOr instance should I look to reapply these with glue insted?

Any advise would be GREATLY appreciated.




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    Deflate the tyres and they will pull off with ease. Removing the tape is time consuming and messy, but give yourself a bit of time and it will all come off.

    I prefer tub cement to tape, I found it was easier to get the tyres true and concentric on the rim.
  • dru
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    thanks for the info - what would be the best thing to take the old tape off with - is it as simple as a finger nail?
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    As the rims are carbon, avoid strong solvents - with tape you should find that most should come off when you pull off the tape and use a suitable scraper e.g. plastic to get off the rest. Some people use nail varnish remover for stubborn residues. I prefer Tufo Extreme tape - easy to apply, sticks like poo to a blancket and plastic backing tape means you can remove it easily too - a quick run round with the thumb is usually good enough
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