bent chain specilised allez 16

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I have a problem. My chain is bent on my specilsed allez 16. what should i do? should i buy a new chain? how do i know if its the right size? I did this before on my old bike (halfords crap) and it messed the bike up.

I dont want to buy 30 quid to change my chain. any ideas?


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    You deffo need a new chain.
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    SRAM PC870 for peanuts. There're cheaper ones (£7.99) if you're not bothered about how it looks.
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    This is the chain it apparently comes with:

    KMC Chain

    But you can get many others for less than 30 quid!

    Just count the links on the old one and fit new with same number.

    Job done.
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    The chain length required will be dependent on your gear and chainstay length.

    So just buy a SRAM/KMC/Wipperman (all come with quicklinks) 8speed chain.

    Take the old chain off.

    There are a number of methods to calculate chain length - my favourite and the most logical if you are ever likely to change cassette, is the one that calculates the longest chain for the your current set up:

    Put the chain on smallest sprocket and little chainring and make sure it's fed through the deraillers correctly. The correct chainlength is then the length that the rear mech can just about take up the slack on.

    Other people will have their own methods though, and none are really wrong as there's an acceptable length range for each setup.
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