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Bent Chainring tooth

pitchshifterpitchshifter Posts: 1,476
edited July 2010 in Workshop
After the chain coming off twice on me last night. An inspection this afternoon has discovered a bent chain tooth right behind the crank arm on the 53 ring?

Anyone successfully bent one of these buggers back before? or am I in for a new ring? :shock:


  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    Try it. You have nothing to lose. Even if it breaks off it will work better than now. Just file any sharp edges off.
    It will be easier to take the ring off to attempt this.
  • I've bodged one on a mtb before, bent it back into shape with mole grips while it was still on the bike. Worked fine.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,631
    yep, if you are careful you can get it almost as good as new, main thing is to avoid distorting the chainring

    hammer, or large pliers, either way, avoid metal to metal contact, it'll reduce chance of deep scratches or sharp bits

    hammer, put ring on heavy wood surface than you don't care about, so that the area around the bent bit is fully supported, use a piece of wood as a driver, one end on chainring, hit other end

    pliers - put some tough plastic both sides of the chainring, like the stuff many dvd cases are made of (not the brittle type on a cd/dvd 'jewel case')

    i've found the hammer method better than pliers, seemed to cause less flexing of the rest of the chainring
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  • scuba6936scuba6936 Posts: 3
    Hi All

    I'm in full agreement with Sungod, Just did my big chainring and all is OK

    Scuba :D
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