Service of Shimano SPD SL pedals

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I bought the little tool you need to remove the spindle from the pedal so I could service my 105 pedals. I read a couple of guides including the ones on here and set to it.

As i tried to loosen the plastic bit that fits in the tool there was some resistance but it did turn a couple of turns maybe then it went all loose. Now it just spins round and I cant loosen it off or tighten it up. I turned it the correct way as directed on the pedal (opposite of tighten) and as directed on the tool.

Has it broken, does anyone have experience of this? Any ideas what to do?



  • zanes
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    Mine did this (realised later I'd turned it the wrong way!)

    What you've done is broken the plastic bit just down from (closer to the crank) the threads where it screws into the pedal body. The threaded bit is holding the pedal spindle in, and the pedal spindle is holding the part that you've broken off in the pedal. No (simple) way to repair, new pedal time.
  • harpo
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    Deep down I thought that had happened but was holding out some hope that maybe wasn't the case. I'll try and open up the other pedal and order some new ones!
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    It's a bit of a b*gger I know, I was trying to be clever on my first time opening them up by holding the tool in a vice and twisting the pedal body whilst in a dark garage. Provided a nice excuse for some new pedals though!

    Based on when I got the other pedal apart I think I need to up my servicing frequency on these things, so I'll either be getting good at this or spending £££ on new pedals every 12 months.
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    I think the 'tighten' on the axle refers to screwing the thing into the crank, not dismantling the pedal.
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    Where can you buy this 'tool' from?
  • redvee
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    curium wrote:
    Where can you buy this 'tool' from?

    TL-PD40 is what you look for.
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