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Spoke tension

AguilaAguila Posts: 622
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Hi all,

I have some dura-ace 7850 wheels that have been on the bike for about a year. The tension in the spokes is far from uniform, there are a few on the rear that are really not tight at all.

That said the wheel appears to be completely true. I really do not want to start tightening any as I assume this will just put the rim out of true and ruin them. At the same time I'm a little unhappy with the slackness in a couple of them.



  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Get an experienced wheelbuilder to retension them - for low spoke count wheels I often slacken all the spokes off and retension them all to keep them nice and even. Leaving them alone could result in accelerated spoke breakage as some spokes become overloaded due to uneven tension.
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