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Noisy drivetrain

nyanzanyanza Posts: 68
edited July 2010 in The workshop
I know this is a common problem, but I am going insane trying to track down the source of this noise.

Steel framed Kona is making a regular clicking/creak noise twice every crank turn (not as loud as creaky cranks, but getting there over time). It stops when I freewheel so it doesn't seem to be the rear mech. It also stops when I lift slightly out of the saddle while pedalling. It also seems to be worse in hot weather (but I could be imagining it...) which means some kind of thermal expansion thing is causing it? I am almost certain it is coming from the bottom bracket area.

So far I have tried the following:
-Changed pedals.
-New chain.
-New cassette.
-Whole new rear wheel.
-Tightened chainring bolts.
-Tightened cranks.
-Greased bottom bracket threads.
-Greased seatpost.
-Greased both skewers (zefal secure lock anti theft things, in case these have a known problem)
-The bottom bracket is UN54 and has done <1500 miles on a simple road commute.

There's not much left to play with. Any ideas?


  • will3will3 Posts: 2,173
    Have you checked the seat rails? And the seatpost to seat connection?
  • nyanzanyanza Posts: 68
    Now that's a great idea, and now I think, this problem surfaced around the time I had to adjust the tilt of the seat.
  • I get a creak if the saddle lock bolt isn't rammed in completely tight, worth checking.

    Having a turbo-trainer is great for tracking down mystery noises, even If I don't use it for actual training!
  • mrdoofermrdoofer Posts: 71
    This is obvious, but has caught me out recently.

    Try and grease the quick release where it contacts the frame. My bike was creaking something awful, and after going through loads of components, I just loosened the quick release and squirted some GT 85 between he quick release bolts and the frame.

    Felt like a proper fool considering I had almost dismantled the bike up to this point trying to find the source of the creaking!
  • nyanzanyanza Posts: 68
    Thank you will3, sickasaparrot and mrdoofer for the suggestions.
    I bathed the whole seat area in WD40 and tightened it up using pliers on the allen key for extra leverage and - it's fixed! It was the seat rail to seatpost clamp. The double creak per crank turn was where I transferred weight from left to right and back again.

    Thank you again - it's such a relief to pedal in silence - and may this be a lesson for anyone else.
  • will3will3 Posts: 2,173
  • will3will3 Posts: 2,173
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