Dawes Espoir

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looking at getting a road bike for my 11yr old.

Anyone have any experience with the Dawes Espoir?

Cheers! Nick


  • Can I ask if you have compared any other junior road bikes? I am looking for one for my son too. Although not sure whether to wait a little longer and get a small frame adult bike instead.

    The only other bike I looked at, other than the out of my price range islabikes, was the Viking Sprint Jnr. The Dawes seems better spec but then it costs more too.
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  • If it helps, i've stuck nearly 2k on a Giro300 and its still like new. Hasnt missed a change, is smooth to ride and still comfy after for 60 miles +.

    I bought it as i was a fair weather rider, with a new born on the way, so needed to save for the good bike and make sure i'd stay interested. Now things are settled down, im sniffing around for the new steed, but this does the job perfectly for a budget ride.
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    Think I must have looked at every one on the net by now!

    Edinburgh Cycles' Revolution Flyer looks very good (£399). As do the Islabikes ones, of course (which get great reviews everywhere).

    I'm looking at a 26in wheel because my son's 11 and getting bigger, otherwise I'd be sorely tempted with Pro-lites The One, which is reduced to £380 on JEJames.

    And check this thread: http://www.bikeradar.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=16331297

    It's a s/hand Decathlon that looks great, and when I contacted the seller last week he still had it. Couldn't convince my nipper it was the one for him, though...

    Super Domestique - what's the Dawes you saw for £200???
  • Hi Nick - I guess you read my previous topic on this then?

    It was a used Espoir on ebay I saw, new they are about £300 iirc. The lowest price I've seen is here:
    24" wheel: http://www.bikes2udirect.com/B3195.html
    26" wheel: http://www.bikes2udirect.com/B3196.html

    I got my son's Dawes Bullet mtb from them.

    The other was the Viking Sprint Jnr:
    http://www.all-about-the-bike.co.uk/vik ... 2587-p.asp

    Don't know much about Viking though tbh.
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    Tarmac Expert SL3 - test colours
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    I've been after a cheap/reasonable road bike for my stepson for a little while now.
    Don't want to splash much cash on it as he's 9, 5 foot already and growing all the time but have seen some of the cheaper raliegh bikes on Ebay which seem to be ok for the cash and more importantly should fit him according to their sizing guides.
    This being one of the more expensive ones I've been looking at http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/RALEIGH-SPRINT-STRADA-ROAD-RACING-BIKE-RRP-399-NEW-/250656286994?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_Bikes_GL&var=&hash=item800f0bdd05

    If anyone else knows of anything else suitable please let me know. He already kicks my backside off road on his MTB so would like to see how he does on road too.
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    Ordered one in to Evans and took the lad for a test-ride at the weekend.

    It's a very solid-looking machine, lighter than I thought (a bit heavier than my secteur but not too bad).

    It's basically a mini cyclocross machine, which seems ideal for youngsters who will inevitably ride across sports fields at some point, and I think he'd have been a touch nervy on skinnier tyres. Those will come later.

    The narrow handlebars were great - he'd never have got to grips with adult-sized bars. I think it will take a while before he's used to the brakes and gears.

    All in though I'm quite impressed. Would have loved one when I was young! And (particularly as there are few alternatives out there) I think we'll be buying it.