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New chain problem.

robb_orobb_o Posts: 332
edited July 2010 in MTB workshop & tech

a while ago i found my chain was skipping everytime I put pressure on the pedals.
The bike was basically unrideable. the drivetrain as a whole was probably about 8 years old and nothing had ever been replaced but everything had been lubed and kept clean.

For some reason I assumed it was the hardest thing to replace first, so I swapped the freehub body. This kinda made things a bit better but the skipping was still there.

I then noticed my middle chainring on the front was really chewed up. the gap between the teeth was massive. So i swapped this chainring and the chain for new ones.

but i still get the odd skip here and there, can't find any specific pattern to it.

my question is this... do i need to swap the cassette and inner and outer chainrings?

the other chainrings dont look worn like the middle one was.
how can i tell if the cassette is worn?
it doesn't look chewed up, i guess cos it's a different kind of metal to the chainrings.

i'm trying to avoid wasting money here (like i think i did with the freehub body).



  • robb_orobb_o Posts: 332
    oh and i'm a bit worried about the fact i've used a brand new chain on possibly worn chainrings and cassette and may have ruined this new chain?
    i think i've only done about a few hundred miles of casual riding...
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    sounds like the cassette does need a change.
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  • sm1thsonsm1thson Posts: 47
    so you have put a new chain on too? then I would replace the cassette, its possible your new chain has stretched someway to match it and thus may need replacing, but it could well be just fine. there is a measurement of x amount of links that will give a better indication but I dont have that to hand.

    The failsafe thing to do is to replace the chain and cassette, but if the new chain hasnt seen much abuse then i would try a new cassette, and if theres any skipping stop and do the chain too.
  • robb_orobb_o Posts: 332
    yeah a new chain a few hundred miles ago.
    i've not road hard at all though, through fear of gears slipping.
    just casual sitting-down riding. no real pressure put on chain.
    i hope i aint wasted £20 on this new chain! lol.
    aswell as the £15 i wasted on the freehub. doh!

    i'm currently deciding on whether to go for shimano or sram cassette up to the value of £20.

    should i replace the other 2 chainrings too? what about the jockey wheels?
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