Warranty vs 'wear and tear'?

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Hi all,
have had my spesh tarmac for 3 months now - went down to the local bike shop this afternoon to book in a service/once over and to make sure she is all running fine.

it does have a click and a creak/clunk coming from the bb - not sure what it is but seeing as its so new i am happy to let the shop look at it and sort it out before i pull it apart and complicate things.

an independant party (also a long time bike mechanic) said it probably just needs greasing - however he didnt rule out that the bb wasnt bonded to the frame correctly and it would be more major - then again he didnt take it apart either so all speculation at this point.

anyway, i asked the cost of the service - £40 - and any parts will be extra.

i quizzed this as i assumed that if any parts (chain, bb etc) had worn out needing to be replaced in three months surely they would be under warranty?

would they not?

staff member said it would be coming from my pocket due to 'wear and tear'.

if i brought a new car and it needed new parts within 3 months i wouldnt be paying extra would i - it would be a warranty job!

am i being conned?

(and yes, i know wearable parts such as brake pads will be at my cost, but surely mechanical items will not be worn out after 3 months or riding - 120-150kms a week, bike well looked after and pampered)


  • MikeWW
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    i would be surprised if much if anything would be worn out after 3 months and with the mileage indicated
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    Would think the chain may need changing but that should be about it apart from cable adjustments.
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    I had exactly the same thing with my Spesh allez sport, but under the warranty with Evans, they sorted it as part of the 6 weeks service, and said if it started creaking again to bring it back.

    A BB should last for years if treated correctly, not worn out after 3 months! So id kick up a stink and insist that at worst, you agree to pay service fees, but not parts.

    Did the shop not offer anything in the way of a free service after 4-6 weeks? most do...

    EDIT: Also, when you buy any product it must be sold fit for purpose, and all parts expected to perform optimally for a reasonable amount of time. So you could argue that the bike isnt fit for purpose.

    If they try to refer you to specialized, you can remind them that under the sale of goods act, it is unlawful to refer a customer to the manufacturer for faulty/unsuitable goods if the sale was made within 6 months.
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    Contact Specialized, they wont be happy to hear of your problems. I am sure they will look after you!
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    Just don't contact Wilier's importers ATB sales, who I contacted after getting nowhere with my local bike shop on the issue of rusty bolts after only a month of light use on a new bike and they refused to replace them.

    I am now about to purchase a bike for the wife and it won't be from the bike shop or an ATB imported bike (I hold a grudge)
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    The time you've had the bike is irrelevant - its the mileage you've done which is important. Also, how you've done that mileage is important. You indicate up to 3,000 miles which is a fair distance for a chain to wear out if it hasn't been well looked after or if you have ridden on roads which throw up a lot of gritty material.

    Also, top end groupsets are not designed for long life, infact few bikes are designed for big mileages as most sit in the back of peoples garages doing nothing.
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    No way would I be paying for any of it if I was you mate.

    If somebody in a bike shop told me a bottom bracket might be worn out after 3 months and I should pay for a new one I think the words "Dont talk f***ing bollocks" might be me next sentence.

    Maybe, just maybe, the chain might be down to you depending on mileage but any other non-wearing mechanical parts should definitely be supplied and fitted by the shop. The other things you might reasonably be asked to pay for are brake blocks and tyres.
  • nickwill
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    The chain might well need replacing at the indicated mileage. That would be wear and tear. If a new bottom bracket is required I would expect that to be a warranty repair unless their were signs of abuse, (If the bike had been pressure washed for example).
  • Paul E
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    The bb in my secteur elite was fine after 6 months of use, the pedal was creaking which sounded liek it was the bb but after the first service (late I know but I live far from the lbs I bought from, odd I know) it's not missed a beat, sounds liek a suspect part form the start to me.
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    The original post is all speculation. nicholasj hasn't said the chain or BB is worn out he is just questioning the fact the shop said parts would be extra.
    If the BB is shot it then that would be a warranty issue as it is far below what you would expect in terms of life expectancy. If the tyres are shot then a replacement would come out of your own pocket unless a manufacturing default is to blame. Same for a car - if your hand brake turn habbit had worn the rear tyres before the first service you pay to replace them.
  • thats right Brommers76 - I am not sure if anything will need to be replaced at this stage but i do know that consumable parts such as the chain, brake blocks, tyres etc would come out of my own pocket.

    what shocked me however was the fact that they seemed to say that ANY parts would be replaced because of wear and tear at my cost - they didnt seem to take into consideration that at 3 months old if anything has worn out (ie BB) then it would have lasted far less than should be expected of a reasonably new item and would therefore need to replaced due to being faulty and not up to its intended use as per consumer rights.

    thanks for some interesting points from the other posters too - its booked in next week for the service and if i do have any issues i will certainly be in touch with Spesh direct.

    I just had a bad feeling that i may be having them attempt to pull the wool over my eyes! but just wanted to clarify too to make sure my view wasnt against what is seen as the norm.

    my LBS has always been very helpful and well recommended - hence my dismay at the latest attitude and seemingly brief and curt response - perhaps they were busy or what not - who knows.

    i have heard good things about sigma sports at hampton/kingston - i may look to them for future services - i just want a good honest straight up opinion and service.