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Removing a crown race

WillclementWillclement Posts: 14
edited July 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Just bought and Iron Horse Mk3 Comp, it came with some piss poor wtb wheels and a soft as hell manitou minute fork, I want to swap them out for my Deetrax wheels and Pike forks, rear wheel easy enough done, but when i took the forks off and fitted my Pike's i get some front end rock when i apply the front brake and push forward on the bars.

Personally i think it's because the crown race on the Pike's is for a Pig DH Pro headset and the Iron horse uses a cane creek model of some description, otherwise the forks are identical, travel, steerer tube length etc.

So, i ask you, what is the best thing to do, swap headsets or swap crown races and what is the best thing to do?

P.S a crown race removal tool is a tad expensive for me right now. x


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Yes, you must swap crown races.

    You can tap it off with a screwdraver and hammer. Carefully.

    Then use a piece of pipe to install it.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Screwdriver+mallet = crown race removal tool.

    with very VERY few exceptions, the crown race will always need to be changed - they're specific to each design of headset.
  • Cheers guys, massive help.

    The rubber mallet... a mountain bikers all around tool. haha
    I found that when i changed mine last it was difficult to get in at first with a screw driver so a good tip is to carefully use Stanley knife blades put one in then another then work on the other side to get a gap to get the screwdriver in.

    Just be careful with the blades.

    To put it on get a pipe which slides over the steertube but not over the crown and hit it home or cover a screwdriver tip with gaffa/ electrical tape to stop marking the crown race.

  • Yeah, iv'e been trying with just a screwdriver for a bit now, but the stanley blade idea is working a treat, cheers GOLDGPR!! x
  • Done, and it's a better fit than the stock fork... result!![/img]
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