Cutting a carbon steerer tube

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  • nicklouse
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    a nice fine tooth hacksaw blade is the best. would not use anything else.
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  • Alexkf
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    32tpi hacksaw blade is the tool of choice
  • keef66
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    I have only ever used that kind of cutter on metal tubes. I'd be worried that it might crush a carbon steerer.
  • sheffsimon
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    That tool is OK for metal - same as a plumbers pipe cutter, no good for carbon.

    Hacksaw blade is the tool of choice.
  • Brocade
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    OK many thanks all, think I'll just take it to a LBS after all !
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  • will3
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    Do not whatever you do use that for cutting carbon.
  • redddraggon
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    Brocade wrote:
    OK many thanks all, think I'll just take it to a LBS after all !

    It's cheaper to just buy a 32tpi hacksaw blade, probably quicker and less agro too.
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  • Brian-Mc
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    one of these and a decent hacksaw blade. ... elID=10222
  • Velonutter
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    Brian-Mc wrote:
    one of these and a decent hacksaw blade. ... elID=10222

    Yep I have one of those bought from Parker's, its the only thing I would ever use on a steerer.
  • sheffsimon
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    Brian-Mc wrote:
    one of these and a decent hacksaw blade. ... elID=10222

    £18 to get a square cut on a tube!!

    Doesnt matter if its not exactly square.
  • Butterd2
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    To get a square cut just wrap a piece of paper with a straight edge around the tube. With the paper wrapped flat against the tube the edge will be square to the tube and you can mark that and cut with a saw.
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  • stokey1964
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    Just use an old headset spacer and tape it to the tube.

    Use the edge of this as your guide

  • MrIP
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    I always use a large cable tie as a cutting guide


  • chriskempton
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    I tried cutting down the gap between two old stems clamped to the steerer. It didn't work :lol:
  • psychle
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    I tried using a jubilee clip for a guide, also didn't work, but as SheffSimon said, it doesn't matter if the cut isn't precisely square.

    With a carbon steerer you have to insert a fork bung. This self-positions itself relative to the axis of the steerer, not the end cut. And the top of the bung (or at least, on the one I used) sits proud of the end of the steerer.

    Otherwise, as others have said, a new 32tpi blade gives a clean cut. Worth using a dust mask also.

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  • TommyEss
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    Don't forget to wear a good mask - carbon fibre particles in your lungs are very dangerous - carcinogenic if I remember correctly (not delibrately trying to scare-monger!)
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  • gkerr4
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    going against the grain I prefer a harsher cutting blade than a 32tpi hacksaw - with a hacksaw you are gnawing away at the carbon steerer for ages - increasing the chances of going "off" with the cut - a harsher bladecuts through it in many less strokes and then neaten up the cut with a file.

    do wear a mask!
  • thel33ter
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    I used a hacksaw, but I tried a little pipe cutter thing like that on the bit I cut off and it was fine, if you take your time and only turn it in a little bit every time its won't crush it.
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