Replacement Sprocket for Specialized Langster

peanut1978 Posts: 1,031
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looking to put 11 tooth on freewheel side

what do I need to buy/how do I replace it?


  • redvee
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    11t freewheel? Surely you mean 11t fixed sprocket. Smallest freewheel you can get in full size is 15t or 16t. You can get 14t sprockets but these are for juvenile hubs and will last about 5 miles on an adult SS bike. Buy quality such as Shimano.
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  • peanut1978
    peanut1978 Posts: 1,031

    just wondered

    keep spinning out

    will change chainring to 50 - 54 ish
  • inkyfingers
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    54 x 11 as your only gear....I assume this is for riding in Norfolk or on the track?
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  • peanut1978
    peanut1978 Posts: 1,031

    would be 54 x 16 as i am not changing the rear freewheel anymore
  • Pross
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    Still a big gear for your only one :shock:
  • Monty Dog
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    Laughs - "spinning out" means in excess of 150 rpm - with a 54x11 gear, this means you are riding at 98.4km/hr - watch out Chris Hoy!

    Seriously, if you want to learn to ride a fixed gear properly, you should be pedalling smoothly in excess of 100 rpm and would typically use a gear of 48x16.
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  • John.T
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    I run 42/17 fixed on my Spec Singlecross. I do spin out on that but not until I get to more than 30 mph. Anything higher and I would not get up some of the hills round here.