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What sized tyres fit on a trek 6700?

weskwesk Posts: 131
edited July 2010 in MTB general
Had a good days riding on Afan W2 trail yesterday. However the rocks had me wanting some tyres with a bit more air in them. Something like Maxxis high roller 2.35's. However, dont want to get £60 worth of tyres that don't fit.... I'm not too worried about mud clearance as it'll be for dry weather and trail centres, so anyone know if it'll fit?


  • chedabobchedabob Posts: 1,133
    Novice here. I think it depends on what the max size the rim will take, and whether the tyre will have clearance from the frame/fork crown.
  • weskwesk Posts: 131
    I was asking purely about clrearance, as in, would it go around. However, good point. What's the maximum width the rim wil take.

    Google time....
  • hypermanhyperman Posts: 232
    if it's a 2010 model then i presume it came with the bontrager xdx tyres on from new? if so then the 2.35 high rollers will definately fit as they come up quite small. not much differenve between them and the xdx's..
  • weskwesk Posts: 131
    No, it's the 2008 model. Currenly on the summer rubber (standard Jones tyres 2.2) but swap to knobby nics for the wetter rides.
    Just wanting that fat rubber for the rocky stuff.
  • sarkmeistersarkmeister Posts: 142
    As mentioned above, the High Roller 2.35 isnt very big, its about the same size as my old Mountain King 2.2s.

    I used to have Nobby Nics 2.25 on my Trek 6500, and there was plenty of clearance.
    Orange Crush 2010
    Trek 1.5c
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