Problems restoring a Dawes Galaxy

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I've recently bought a Dawes Galaxy '97 from gumtree, and was planning on fixing it up a bit and doing some touring.

This evening I stripped down the rear hub to clean it out and put fresh lube in, but when I put it back on the frame seems about an inch too wide for the axel. I'd have to force the frame in about an inch to get the quick release skewer on, what's going on?? I don't recall the frame springing out when I took the wheel off.

Another problem I had was that 2 of the BB's fell inside the hub, and for some reason there is a little cavity inside beyond the cone and they both went in and then immediately lodged! It's ridiculous and they're impossible to get out. You can just see the edge of them and they're clearly going to rub the axle. I've tried prodding them with a screwdriver and they're completely jammed tight, it's doing my head in.

I know very little about bikes and I just feel like getting rid of it now. I can see it needing new wheels & tyres, new rear brake, new cassette and mech, and new chainrings and front mech. Basically an overhaul to make it fit for use. Anyone fancy buying a project bike?!




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    Don't give up yet, fish the balls out with a strong magnet :D
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  • you're clearly having an off day.... all those problems and you want to get rid of it??
    it's a teach yourself how to deal with any problem your ever going to encounter kit!

    thats great value for money . try a bit of wire to get the BB's out, if that fails use a magnet, if you havent got one thin enough then use it to magnatise a bit of thin steel.

    there is nothing difficult about bike mechanics, it just takes effort, time and a big rubber mallet.

    I think an inch is quite a lot of play in the frame/axle area , have you checked to see if the frame has been cracked or damaged around the stays? its possible someone has just replaced the back wheel with one that doesn't fit. if you bought it off of gumtree chances are the original wheel is still locked to a stand somewhere probably next to a frame without a back wheel.... both former owners now taking the compulsory how to use a d lock course........
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    I've dropped a BB in a hub, managed to fish it out with a length of fuse wire with the end bent into a sort of C shape, then bent at 90 degrees to the rest of the wire. Managed to hook it under the BB and the old grease on the BB kept it on whilst I slowly pulled it out (on the 99th attempt mind).
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    Cheers guys, I'll persevere with the back wheel and see if I can get those damn bb's out. Maybe a metal coathanger bent into a little hook, although none of my efforts last night moved them in the slightest.

    The wheels look original so I don't think there is a wheel chained to any railings anywhere! It's crazy how them seem to have gotten so stuck, and why there is a cavity inside the axel housing I don't know. They just rolled into the cavity and jammed solid, or at least that's how it feels.

    The frame looks and feels sound, no cracks etc. I'll double check tonight and measure the spacing to see if it matches any normal spacings of around 120-130mm.

    I'll let you know how I get on. Picking up a Dawes Karakum over the weekend though, really just looking to patch this up now and get rid!
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    Your Galaxy is probably a better frame for serious touring. As it is an older steel frame, you have a better chance of getting the frame repaired out in the backwoods.
    Can't think why the rear dropouts are sprung wide. Perhaps it has, at sometime in its history, been fitted with a tandem wheel - not unheard of for touring.
    If you remove the freehub you might find removing the balls is a bit easier.
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    Sounds like you have just dived in and got frustrated. Understand what you are doing first.

    If you have got both the cones moving you can shift this wheel to the left or right. So align it.

    Stuck BBs will wash out with white spirit/Gunk or whatver you use and start again - having read Sheldon/ Park Tools or whatever bike manual first,
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    Thanks guys. I'd started a slightly different thread about the same bike in the touring section, please see the update there: ... 7#16324897