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RockShox Reba SL service shopping list

clwydian_rider92clwydian_rider92 Posts: 416
edited July 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi, im going to service my RockShox Reba SL 2009 with Poploc for the first time. I was just wondering what the best oil to use is and whether i need to replace other parts such as the seals.

I have looked at the vids on internet and have a WMB issue on how to service them.

Thanks for the advice, clwydian_rider92.
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  • snotty badgersnotty badger Posts: 1,593
    I just had my mate service my forks tonight (Pikes) I got the oil from CRC. Didn't bother chaging any seals this time- but if they're looking worn/damaged I'd have changed them.
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  • What oil did you use?
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    Cube LTD Race 2009
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  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    Any suitable suspension oil will be OK assuming it's the right wt. I think you need 15wt and 5wt for the REBAs. You can get seals in the service kits although you get other stuff too such as valve cores. A spring and damper kit will set you back about £ 40. Sometimes seals can swell so it's a good idea to replace them if you want that new plush feeling back plus it is easy to damage them when cleaning the innards. You should also have some isopropanl alcohol to throughly clean the innards.
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  • Ive found this onSram website. Eventhough it is 05-06 is it same procedure for my 09 Rebas? ... 0Guide.pdf
    Giant XTC SE 2006
    Cube LTD Race 2009
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