Fitting A new Headset

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I have purchased a new headset for my frame but need to ask a question before fitting. My frame appears to have inserts top and bottom of the headtube which I think are plastic that I am having trouble removing, the original cup bearings just sit above and below these with a plastic finishing cup above and below. They have always been poorly sealed and I have replaced bearings a few times. Can you give me advise on how to remove if possible the inserts. My bike is a Decathlon sport 7.1.


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    If the original headset cups are still in the frame it is likely these will have to come out, to be replaced with ones that came with your new headset. Personally if you do not have the correct tool for the job I would suggest taking it to your LBS to have cups removed. Alternatively you could go the old hammer and flat bladed screwdriver approach.
    Hope this helps, it is a bit hard to understand your problem from the original post.