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I've just acquired a 'Dale CAAD 7 frameset, the R1000 Optimo version, from 2003 I think, judging by the colour scheme (silver, with red/yellow decals).

The only specification reference I can find for these says the original headset was a Campagnolo Record Hiddenset (integrated) type. The frame I've got has an FSA one installed, and although that appears to fit fine, the bearings are 36/36 degree in the lower race.

The Record jobbie seems to be 45/45 degree only.

Does anyone know whether Cannondale fitted FSA headsets as standard? AFAIK, using the "wrong" bearing will still fit, just not seat correctly in the cups which are pressed into the headtube.

I tried Cannondale's tech site and got nowhere, nor much luck with Google. Anybody here have any information?
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    Take out the bearings, push in a lump of blutac, check the angle with a protractor and a couple of straight edges. Should be pretty easy to see if it's 36 or 45 degrees.
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    If the original spec is Campagnolo Record, then it's 45x45 degree bearings. Sounds like you've got Cane Creek spec bearings - FSA do both. There's a headset guide downloadable from the FSA website tech pages which has info on the different types.
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