Speedplay pedals and Mavic shoes

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Was just fitting my new Speedplay pedals to the bike and the instructions say to check the Speedplay Road Shoe Compatibility Guide. So I checked it and it says that my Mavic Zellium shoes are not compatible. WTF Mavic shoes from 2009 are not compatible. 2010 are but not 2010.
Has anybody used these together or am I P***ing in the wind even trying. They look ok. But I have already had problems withe Mavic Shoes and Mavic Pedals so I just dont know what to do.
Please tell me that they will work for me.


  • Ben6899
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    Erm... they will work for you ?

    The Speedplay cleats are very sensitive to shoe sole curvature and that's why they're provided with different shims depending on which shoes you have. If the guide says your shoes are incompatible, then I'd be inclined to go with that.

    Sorry I can't be more positive!

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