Managed my first 50 in a long time

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I know people post this topic all the time, but decided to as well.

Managed my first 50 yesterday cycling back from my parents in Herts to my home in Essex. Well it was meant to be 51, but I made a wrong turn and it ended up being 56!

I've only just started cycling again after many years and trying to get my fitness/endurance back up. It was quite hot yeaterday, and I learnt a lot about headwinds again, with the last 6 miles on a road that seemed to have created a mini wind tunnel!

Legs are feeling it a bit this morning, but good, so I know I will be OK for the Lon 2 Southend in two weeks.

Any advice from people how to step up to doing your first centuary? I am still contemplating doing the Essex 100 first weekend of Spet. Thanks
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  • mkirby
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    Well done.

    I did my 1st century last month. 105 miles with over 5600ft of climbing took me 8 hrs 22 in the end. Prior to that i had done a 70 mile solo ride and an 80 mile with a club ride in the middle.

    I just tried to get as many miles in as possible. If your not bothered about the time, i just wanted to do less than 10 hours, you should be fine if you can get up to the 80 mile mark.

    While doing the ride it really helped splitting it into 20 mile sections, i just counted them off 5 is not as scary a number as 100. Make sure you take enough food with you to get round incase the feed stops are empty when you get there.

    Other than that its just a case of building yourself up to those distances slowely, if your aiming for september you shouldnt have any trouble i suspect.

    Good luck
  • Rich Hcp
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    I did my first 100 (103.9!) a couple of weeks ago

    To get up for it I did one short 15-20 mile run in the week, which I tried to get my time up and also a 25-30 mile run at a less frantic pace.

    I then I worked up to 50+ on a Saturday or Sunday.

    Get used to the 50, take rest days between and you'll be fine.

    I printed off a training plan from somewhere and adapted that. Sometimes you need a target.

    The century I did had food stops at 25 & 75 (with a water fill up at 50-ish) so to get me used to the food stops on a Saturday or Sunday, I used to do 30 in the morning, home for lunch and straight back out for another 30+ I worked myself up to 78 miles (ie lost on a 75!) and then I knew I'd be able to do the 100.

    I split the 100 in to 25 mile bits in my head, it was fine.

    The training was harder because I was on my own, you need to be self motivated, proving that cycling is in you head as much as your legs.

    You have time to work up to it, don't beat yourself up if you can't go out because of weather or you just don't feel like it. Leave the miles stored for another day. Just make sure you do it on another day.

    By the time of the Big One, I knew what my pace is, which really helps on the day, you get a nice pace going and 100 is not as bad as you'd think.

    On the week of the century, I just did a shakedown 10 miler to be sure the bike was OK, work meant I had no more time that week, but I was happy because the miles were in my legs, ready to go on the day 8)

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