Tips for adapting a MTB for road use

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I have an MTB that I've just started using for commuting to and from work, but now I'm using it on the roads more I'm finding it's really not suitable. It currently takes me 45-50 minutes to go 7.5 miles, my fitness level and cardio is pretty much non-existant and my average speed the other day was just 9 mph, and I maxed out at 15mph when not going downhill.

I've been advised to change the nobbies for some road tyres,but is there anything else I could do to adapt my MTB so it's a little more suitable for road use?

I will get a road bike, but want to make use of what I have first until I can afford a new bike.

Thanks all.


  • skyd0g
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    Tyres are the main area to give the most impact. These would be a good choice. After tyres, try locking out the suspension if this is possible.

    Keep riding and your times will improve along with your fitness. :D
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    Yep,slick or semi-slick tyres make the biggest difference. More effiicent and quieter than knobblies. Plus it's a cheap upgrade.

    I have a Spesh Hardrock commuter. Tyres were the first change, and when the front fork eventually needs replacing, I'll probably go for a £90 Exotic carbon fork.
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    Biggest tip I can give you, apart from putting 1.5" slick tyres on it, is don't bother. Save all your cash for a decent road bike.
  • Red_Ross
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    Thanks all, I've just put my housemates spare Kanda K-Rads on and it's given me an extra 2-3mph. I'll get the slicks soon.


    I'll have to wait until after I get married to get a road bike. Doubt I'll be able to work one into the budget :)
  • anto164
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    Tyres and clips (If you're running flat pedals) and that is all i'd do to an MTB.