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Hydraulic Advice Please

DoodleUKDoodleUK Posts: 48
edited July 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Just been looking through the quick manual for my Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and it says that the bike should not be turned upside down or placed on its side as air in the system could reduce performance or require bleeding. Is this just overly covering themselves though as i have read a few pages suggesting this is no longer an issue with hydraulic brakes or is this something i should be worried about? The reason i ask is that i need to transport the bike in the back of a car and chances are it will be on its side or at an unusual angle. Only had the bike a few weeks and had no problems so far with the hydraulics so i presume the system should be sealed and not affected to any great extent. Thanks.


  • pte1643pte1643 Posts: 518
    Transoprt mine on it's side in the back of the car all the time.

    No problems.
  • BliarOutBliarOut Posts: 152
    Often work on mine upside down, no problems either.
  • DoodleUKDoodleUK Posts: 48
    Cool, thanks guys. Must just be Shimano covering themselves, can't imagine their systems are any more susceptible than other manufacturers.
  • 101_North101_North Posts: 607
    My Juicy 3's can easily get a bit spongy if left upside down for any length of time. Only takes a few good stops to put things right though - no bleeding required.

  • djkatoomdjkatoom Posts: 9
    I store mine upside down!!! - to drain the frame after washing and soak the foam rings with oil in my forks if you are wondering why!

    Never had any problems.

    The only small chance you have of entraining air into the system is if you operate the lever while the bike is upside down.
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