Can't Remove Lower Legs From Reba Race

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I'm trying to service some 2008 Reba Races for the first time. I've downloaded the Rockshow Manual from the SRAM website. Lower leg removal instructions are the same for all forks except the boXXer models.

I've followed instructions 1-5 below without problem

1- Remove the air chamber valve cover cap from the left fork leg top cap. If fork has a negative air chamber, remove the negative air chamber valve cover cap from the bottom of the left fork leg. DONE 8) .

2- Depress schrader valve and release all air from the air chamber. If fork has a negative air chamber, start with the negatice air chamber first, then proceed to the positive air chamber. DONE 8)

3- Gently pull external rebound adjuster knob and remove from the right shaft bolt. DONE 8)

4- Use a 5mm hex wrench to loosen both shaft bolts 3-4 turns. For Dual Air equipped forks, use a 10mm socket (or open end)wrench to loosen and unthread the Dual Air shaft nut just past the threaded shaft end. :?

This is where I begin to get unsure, I unwound the nut so that it was just protruding from the end of the bolt but without removing it.

5 - Use a plastic mallet to gently tap each shaft bolt free from it's press-fit to the lower leg and use your fingers to remove shaft bolts completely. :?

The bolts came out without any need for the plastic mallet.

Now I get to my problem

6 - Remove the lower leg assembly from fork by rfirmly pulling it downwards, holding onto both legs or the brake arch. :oops:

When I attempt this the lower legs come to the base of the inner legs and then...CLUNK, they stop as if they are hitting something that should have been removed earlier.


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    It might be better to post this in the mtb section.
    More problems but still living....
  • It might be better to post this in the mtb section.

    Wise advice thanks, I've just done so! :oops: