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Rockshox Recon SL's weird noise

weskwesk Posts: 131
edited July 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
My recon's have an odd noise under expansion, either if I load the front wheel and then wheelie, or over rougher terrain where the fork is under comperssion and the sudden expansion.It's sort of a strangulated whooshing noise, pretty loud. i can't work out what it is, but it certainly can't be normal. The forks work fine otherwise, they've got the right abount of sag, and they don't bottom out under normal riding but do go though a fair bit of thier travel.
Any thoughts?


  • saracen fansaracen fan Posts: 389
    perfectly normal, seriously.

    thats air forks for ya.
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  • Dirtydog11Dirtydog11 Posts: 1,621
    Oil circulating through the damper system?

    As above, sounds perfectly normal for oil damped forks.
  • nickfrognickfrog Posts: 610
    I agree. To be sure, turn the damping completely one way, test and then completely the other way, test again. You should hear different noises between the tests and possibly no noise when the damping is on fast (or slow, I can't remember).
  • hairy_boyhairy_boy Posts: 345
    I have the same thing with my Tora SL's (coil). Funny squeak/squeel when loading the front and then wheelying off a curb or whatever. I was told it was normal, just the oil moving through the damper mechanism, and my forks have been fine for 18 months working perfectly.
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