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Orange 5 chain line

trev4startrev4star Posts: 23
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Hi, ive just got a 2010 Orange 5 Pro with 32 Talas 150mm Fit forks & a maxel rear end. My question concerns the chain line, ive just got a Gamut Dual chain devise as found on the Alpine 160 as i want to run 22-34 or 36 chain rings. I have now discoverd that Orange only recommend a standerd 22-32-44 set up with a 50mm chain line, leaving the 32 middle ring on would leave me under geard can you tell me of any potential problems with running this set up ? Orange have told me its ok to fit the Gamut with BB connection.


  • I've got a 34 tooth on my 5, the first few times I shifted from 22 to 34 the chain caught on the edge of the swingarm pivot area. I fitted an additional 1mm bottom bracket spacer to the drive side, which cured it. Now my cranks are ever so slghtly off centre, but not enough tonitice without measuring it. A mate has a SLX 22/36 on his Five, he never noticed the issue, but it was there as you can see that the chain has gouged it's way through the swingarm, but it doesn't rub now!
  • trev4startrev4star Posts: 23
    thanks for the reply :) no slx double for me then ! so since youve run it with the extra spacer youve had no issues with hitting the swing arm or gear change ?
  • I am running a 26-36-46 triple on my (2008, I think) Orange 5

    Needs careful setup - if you get the chainline wrong the chain will jam on the swingarm as described by Mancunianfightingcat above, and also the front derailleur can scuff on the underside of the swingarm and prevent smooth downshifts if you don't get it aligned just so...

    But, it can be done...

    My cranks are pretty much central too :-)
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