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richen - outstanding

mattbarnesmattbarnes Posts: 295
I bought a SC Superlight from this seller at what can only be described as an absolute steal at £70! (Yes, that's seventy pounds sterling).
The advert didn't do it justice. The frame was described as 'a bit of a skip' but was far from accurate as all it needs is a bit of TLC (well, a respray) and it'll be good as new.
I also got some Avid Juicy's from the same seller which were equally as good.
Overall, the goods were delivered within 48 hours of purchase and were absolutely fantastic for the price; it could even be said they were undersold.

Wait 'til I get that Superlight cleaned up, he'll be kicking himself!!! :lol:

What a pleasant change to buy something from someone on here who is up front and honest about what they're selling. Spot-on.

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