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Carrera Fury's - whats the difference?

stiscoobystiscooby Posts: 139
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I have seen this - ... Id_165499# would this be a good buy? I'm not sure if it will be too small as it's a 16" bike but they have stock in my local Halfrauds so I could go a take a look.

Comparing this to the Giant XTC 4, the spec seems quite good (better forks than the Giant from my newly learnt knowledge, I think? lol).

They also have other Fury's but they are like £500. Is it because these ones are newer models or something, or larger size frames? i.e. ... zone=PDPz1

Or would I be better of sticking with my first choice, the Giant?


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The first one is the 2008 model. The main difference is the Tora fork - very very good, but also heavy.

    The 2009 gets a lighter, air sprun Suntour Epicon which also performs superbly.
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,682
    They did a wee sneaky downgrade on the cranks too but to be fair, Blaze or Isoflow, they're both s**t regardless so it's much of a muchness.

    Oh and the newer one gets Juicy 3s IIRC which most people would consider an upgrade but the Aurigas on the old one are better in my humble, they do work surprisingly well.

    But both ace, get the 08 if it fits you just because the price difference is solid IMO but if it doesn't don't feel you're missing out, they're both proven class leaders
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  • stiscoobystiscooby Posts: 139
    ok, so getting down to spending my hard earned......... which would be better.... the Giant XTC 4 (for £449) or the Fury?
  • pte1643pte1643 Posts: 518
    edited July 2010
    stiscooby wrote:
    which would be better.... the Giant XTC 4 (for £449) or the Fury?

    Assuming it's the 09 XTC4.

    The Deore/SLX mix is probably on a par with the X5 kit on the Fury, so the spec difference comes down to the fork really.

    The U-Turn Tora on the Fury is a far better option than the Dart on the Giant.

    As far as the brakes go, I have no experience of either, but having read some reviews there's not a lot of good stuff written about the Giant Roots, the Tektro's seem a better brake.

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  • bdigitalbdigital Posts: 193
    And the Epicon forks on the 09 Fury outclasses the Dart by a long way. dual sprung air forks that you can adjust with a pump. With lockout and rebound adjustment.

    Apart from that not much in it.

    Maybe go sit on them and see what they feel like
  • stiscoobystiscooby Posts: 139
    Yes, it's the 09 Giant XTC 4.

    Regarding the fury - it would be the 08 model (providing I don't find the 16" frame too small). The 09 model then jumps up to £529 which is more than what I would like to spend. Halfrauds got the 08 fury on sale at £379.

    Not sure if this makes one bike more preferable over the other?
  • HitbyHitby Posts: 218
    I have the Toras on my marin and I love them - someone I ride with has the 08 Fury and he's really happy with it. A cracking bike, especially for that sort of money!
  • bdigitalbdigital Posts: 193
    The 08 Fury is also an excellent buy. The Toras are good forks (very good) slightly heavier but still class
  • pte1643pte1643 Posts: 518
    bdigital wrote:
    The Toras are good forks (very good) slightly heavier but still class

    It's hard to overlook Toras when you consider what they cost.

    Merlin were doing them for £130 (ish) for the SL model, there's not much else that comes close for that sort of money.

    I have them on my Kona hardtail, like you (and others) say... Excellent fork.
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