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Touring pedals, your advice

in4timein4time Posts: 3
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javascript:emoticon(':)') Me, with new touring bike !
javascript:emoticon(':?') Me, wondering which pedals are best.

I like to ride in trainers usually; I do a fair bit of hill walking and birding. I was looking to pursue both of these pleasures using my tourer. I'm not inclined to go down the clips and spds and things more touring specific/exclusive. So, anyone suggest a decent pair of pedals that will suffice for touring and not necessitate buying dedicated shoes, sandals etc.




  • Barrie_GBarrie_G Posts: 479
    I would have thought that just about any flat pedal that you like the look of / are happy with will do, you're not wanting anything to clip into, so as long as it has decent bearings and you're happy with the amount of grip then go for it.
  • satanassatanas Posts: 1,303
    edited July 2010
    You could also think about using toeclips and straps (yes, I know, not fashionable these days) with normal-ish shoes, or also there are Power Grips.

    FWIW, I used Salomon XA Pro shoes for Manali-Leh last year with smallish MTB pedals plus clips and straps and this worked fine both on the bike and for trekking. It's good to choose shoes with a stiff sole and decent heel clearance - i.e., not too bulky a midsole/heel; the Salomons also have a non-lace closure that won't catch on chainwheels, and I've recently seen a mid-height version. There are lots of shoes out there.

    I've never used Power Grips myself, but they regularly get recommended by people who don't want to use either clipless or clips plus straps; I should try some one day.

    Re platform pedals: these are heavy and have poor ground clearance; personally I wouldn't use them except for short trips to the local shops.
  • Rich HcpRich Hcp Posts: 1,355
    I used to use Powergrips on my MTB.

    They don't fit the pedals on the MTB I have now.

    They worked very well, I often used to use them with walking boots :shock: so there is flexibility in the footwear you can use.

    Giving it Large
  • satanassatanas Posts: 1,303
    ^ Thanks! Definitely have to get some as it'd be handy occasionally to be able to use walking boots. Having said that, the XA Pros work extremely well for me.
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