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Dirt jumper???

Laurence25Laurence25 Posts: 334
edited August 2010 in MTB buying advice
So I have my 140mm travel trail bike and don't get me wrong , I LOVE IT but I am thinking of building a dirt jump bike so I can practice manuals, bunny hops and just have a general mess-a-bout bike, So long story short i need you help. . . . . AGAIN !

I have a few frame ideas but as always I am unsure on what to go for :oops: , I will be building it my self , it has to be single speed and 24inch wheels other than that
I am not really bothered oh and I will buy almost everything second hand to keep the cost as low as possible as it will just be a play bike so it can (and will !) get battered and scratched, the frames below are just ideas so suggestion would be helpful :D

The frames i have looked at so far are
: Charge Iron (Friend has one and i am a big fan!)
: Cove Sanchez (number one on the list but very pricey)

So what do you think??, all advise is very helpful no matter how important!

Thanks Laurence.


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