Pro Race 3 tyre and Campag Eurus wheels

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Having enjoyed p******e riding for over 2 months (including 2 sportives) since the Michelin PR3s were fitted I thought I ought to have a dry run given forthcoming group rides. Shame! :oops: I cannot get the tyres off.

I gave up on the plastic levers supplied with the v neat Continental pouch and purchased Bontager - red plastic and a little more robust with a cut out for spoke attachment. With these I can least get one lever into position but cannot advance further.

I have ordered a VAR lever.

Meanwhile the c/f stealth machine has to sit at home for fear of embarassment on the road.

All suggestions welcome.
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  • whyamihere
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    They are a pig at first. PR3s are tight tyres, and Campagnolo are notorious for their slightly large rims.

    I assume the method you're using is to hook one lever under the bead, use it to pull the bead over the rim, hook it onto a spoke, then start to work more of the tyre off using more levers? If so, your method's fine. I would suggest using a bit of washing up liquid to lubricate the bead of the tyre, which should make it come off a bit more freely.

    They do get easier. I've had mine off a few times now, and they've loosened to the point I can easily put them back on by hand, and taking them off is the work of a few seconds.

    Good luck.
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    @Why... : as to method, yr assumption is correct and because everything is so expensive I have not resorted to violence. Will try Fairy liquid and perseverse. Thanks.
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    Without wishing to contradict, Id try talc beofre Washing up liquid, simply because if you are, like me, a bit cack handed washing up liquid on rim, lever & hands makes EVERYTHING slippy. I had exactly the same setup and found the broad, michelin levers (you can buy them in Decathlon) offer just a wee bit more purchase.
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    @4kicks: too late! I made a "dry run" at home today and fairy liquid allowed a previously reluctant lever to slip along the rim. On further reflection I did not use the spokes to stabilise the first lever - too few spokes to risk subjection to non-design stress.

    The VAR lever is VG for easing the last few cms of bead back onto the rim.

    I now need to find a suitable container to carry liquid/talc in my small undersaddle pack.

    Progress - I feel that I have become slow/incompetent as opposed to total AGNI.

    Thanks to you and whyamihere.
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